BOON / Paris Design Week

L’équipe d’AWARÉ est enchantée de présenter deux nouvelles pièces au show-room Boon dans le cadre de la Paris Design Week.

Septembre 2020/ BOON, 9 rue de Lesguidières, 75004 Paris.


In September 2018 BOON agency headed by Kristofer Kongshaug & Clemente Pediconi launched a new concept store and gallery dedicated to brands they represent within ART | DESIGN | FASHION

BOON_ROOM stocks more than 80 artists, designers and fashion brands from all around the world- from classics such as Gratz; and their timeless Sling chairs designed in 1953 by Katavolos, Ross Littel and Douglas Kelley, design studio ROOMS and ImperfettoLab, to fashion brands such as Hed Mayner, Joe Chia and Viu eyewear.

The boutique gallery is dedicated to cross border collaborations between the creative genres with dedicated “in-focus” gallery area; _ROOMS curated by..; that hosts monthly exhibitions co-curated by an artist, designer and Fashion brand in collaboration with a publication and BOON. BOON_ROOM has also created a corner store dedicated to St Pauls Apothecary; skin care and perfumes created and designed by FRAMA Copenhagen.

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